The Club Advantage is now closed ... but we are preparing a lot of new things for you with the update to WineSupervisor III! Don't go too far 😉

What is Club Avantage?

Throughout the duration of your subscription, you can access, as a privileged member to the very private sales organized by the Club.
Exclusive products are selected and validated by the selection committee.
Even if limited in time, the offer is not a flash sale, which allows some time for tasting and ordering more.

Sales are made directly from producers.

The program

The objective of the WineSupervisor Advantage Club is to make you discoveries. That is why we will propose in this space, sometimes confidential wines that ask to obtain the recognition and which will become references in the future and other times we will present you selections of wines of which you know the fame, towards which you have not gone yet or will be interested in finding you again.

Currently after the wines of Benoît Badoz, you will discover an exceptional selection of wines from the Hospices de Beaune.